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Excellent. Thanks. I've had Drafts for years, but recently joined the Obsidian "cult" and am completely sold. To have them integrated is awesome.

With your article as inspiration I also managed to set up Drafts to send Obsidian note in the same naming convention I have set-up in Obsidian (i.e F.202110012132 - My awesome file) along with YAML aliases ( aliases: "My awesome file") and tags (tags: activity/toreview 20211001 2021-W39 2021-10 refile double_click_me) for easy filtering and to keep working on them.

I now have to check out Busycal which I notice I have access to via SetApp. I already use DevonThink (which is incredibly powerful) for archiving and as an extra front-end.

Image by BlenderTimer (Creative Commons Zero)

Did you hear “Bill Gates will make billions of $USD on a vaccine as he owns the patents for such a vaccine”? Or perhaps did you hear “viruses spread via 5G towers”? Or what about “the vaccine will contain digital trackers to control us all”?

Yeah, I saw them too…

Screenshot of

In this day and age finding good and trustworthy news seems to become a skill at least if you are looking for news based on facts, and not overly skewed from a political, or bias, perspective. But lets start from the beginning. What is “bias” anyway?

This is how Wikipedia…

Mathias Hellquist

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